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Commercial Office and Corporations

Real estate developers, commercial real estate brokers, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and private owners all own commercial office space to house tenants and to generate income. Some hold their properties for years; some are short-term investors. Many companies that own or manage a large quantity of real estate (over 1 million square feet) have their own facilities staff to oversee those operations. These owners include corporations such as utilities, technology companies, banks, insurance companies, and large manufacturers with off-shore plants and large numbers of sales and operations in North America. We will help you identify the largest owners in a geographic market and the largest investors with holdings in North America. We can contact facilities by class of building, location of building, size of building, age of building envelope and major renovations. Our experience in speaking the language of and addressing the needs of these demanding customers will help you better communicate the value you bring to their operations.

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