Certification Assistance

Certification Assistance

Certification Assistance: Can you lead by example?

Green building certifications are a meaningful and tangible way to set your company apart from the crowd. A green building certification showcases your commitment to sustainable business practices, and establishes you as a leader within the green building community. This not only promotes your own interests with a solid corporate image, but it also sets a good standard in your community, encouraging others around you to make sustainable choices as well. RCx Building Diagnostics will work with you to determine necessary building upgrades and navigate confusing paperwork to achieve building certification such as LEED®* or Energy Star®*.

As our concern for reducing our energy consumption and our impact on the environment heightens, a multitude of standards for measuring “sustainability” are emerging. Front-runners like LEED®* and Energy Star®* are nationally known and well-regarded, and receiving certification under these programs can increase the value of your property and your corporate image. However, the documentation required for certification is time-consuming and confusing.

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RCxBD can help you to gather, organize, and submit all of the necessary paperwork. The final product of RCxBD’s Certification Assistance service is a certification for your building, and a plan for maintaining that certification.

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