Retrocommissioning: Is your building living up to its potential?

Retrocommissioning analyzes existing building systems to determine if they are performing efficiently and according to design. Retrocommissioning investigates the following systems and their controls and settings: building envelope, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing.

Your building wasn’t brought by the stork—a team of architects and engineers lovingly designed your building and its moving parts, drawing from their years of experience. But those systems designers weren’t around to train each facility manager, nor every staff member working within. And so, in the years since its construction, your building has endured many years of decline as parts wear down and staff turns over. Your building could probably be much more efficient and comfortable with nothing more than a little TLC.

RCx Building Diagnostics will thoroughly get to know your building, as well as your facility manager and staff. We can identify discrepancies between the level of performance your building systems are able to achieve, and what you’re experiencing now. The benefits associated with Retrocommissioning a building extend beyond simply reducing water and energy consumption. Improvements in thermal comfort and indoor air quality are also achieved, often resulting in increased occupant productivity.

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When RCxBD has finished the Retrocommissioning process, we give you a clearly defined operation and maintenance plan, optimizing the long-term impact of this procedure. The result is a more efficient building, with a more comfortable environment for building occupants, for many years to come.

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