Sustainability Analysis

Sustainability Analysis

Sustainability Analysis: Are you a major drain on the environment?

The Sustainability Analysis investigates the environmental impact of a building, and the company that occupies it. After an energy performance benchmark is done, the Sustainability Analysis examines recycling policies, building occupant habits (such as transportation methods), material consumption, building waste, landscaping practices, and cleaning programs.

If what you really want is to decrease your building’s “footprint” on our planet, and it’s not enough for you just to save money on energy costs, you’re looking for a Sustainability Analysis. RCxBD can help you to actively engage your entire workforce to establish good habits to ensure comfort and resources for many future generations.

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Our Sustainability Analysis rallies people to focus on a common goal in addition to maximizing the physical building systems’ potential. Performing a Sustainability Analysis enables your company to become more environmentally sustainable inside and out, while improving your corporate image in turn.

At the end of the Sustainability Analysis, RCxBD will give you a report on the environmental impact of your company, and a list of measures to minimize it.

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